We Walk for Aubrey


We Walk-N-Roll for Aubrey and our Spina Bifida Family that we have met over the years.  This includes the friends and families with SB, the doctors, the therapists, the camp counselors committed to bringing happiness and everyone else that we know because of Aubrey.  Aubrey was born at Duke University Hospital and continues to be part of the Duke family.  She is a feisty, spirited girl who is full of love to share to with everyone she meets.  Our team name is Full of Awesome because Aubrey is just that.  We walk-n-roll to share the knowledge we have gained and to learn from others.  This is a journey that is easier to do as a team.   We walk-n-roll to spread awareness and raise funds to support learning more and researching preventative measures for SB.  Lastly, we walk-n-roll to show Aubrey that she is not alone.  Coming together as a team for a greater good sends a powerful message to those involved.