Follow these quick tips, and you'll be sure to meet your fundraising goal! 

  • Set a stretch goal. Remember this is a goal, not a commitment. Aim high! 
  • Make a donation to yourself. Set the standard and show your friends & family how much you believe in the mission of SBA.
  • Personalize your fundraising page. Share your story and encourage your network to get behind you!
  • Ask! Ask! Ask! Send out letters, emails, and social media posts about your goal. Remember, if you don’t ask, they can’t donate!
  • Don't be afraid to remind people to donate. People often want to donate, but just forget. It's okay to remind them!
  • Individually email or Facebook message your friends and ask them to donate. Mass messages can feel impersonal.
  • Share a picture of the person you're participating in honor of and share why this cause is close to your heart.
  • Collect donations online and offline. Use the offline donation form to send offline credit card donations and checks to the National Office or bring it with you to the Walk-N-Roll event. Add your offline donations to your webpage so that you can easily keep track of your fundraising total. Remember that cash can only be turned in at the Walk-N-Roll event. 
  • Thank your donors. Give them a shout-out on social media, write them a note, share pictures from the event -- let your supporters know that THEY made a difference!