SB Education Day - Southern CA

Join us on August 26, 2017

Sorry, tickets are no longer being sold.
Ticket Quantity Left Price Each
Day Of Registration Available $50.00
Adult Online Registration (Pay Now) 4 Left $45.00
Adult Onsite Registration (Pay $45 at the Door) 8 Left $0.00
Onsite Childcare Ages: 0 - 2 2 Left $10.00
Onsite Childcare Ages: 3 - 6 None left $10.00
Onsite Childcare Ages: 7 - 10 2 Left $10.00
Onsite Childcare Ages: 11 - 16 1 Left $10.00

Thank you to all attendees, presenters, volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible.  We've uploaded some of the presentations from the event for your use.

Southern CA Education Day 2017 Presentations: 

Anxiety and Depression in the Spina Bifida Community 
Bones and Joints: How to stay mobile
Neurogenic Bowel
Neuropsychology of Spina Bifida
Sexuality and Babies for Women
Sexuality and Babies for Men
Transition of Care


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