Adapted Fitness Club

Join us on February 20, 2021

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Ticket Quantity Left Price Each
10/23 | Single Class Drop-In: Boxing with Luiz Faye (11am ET/8am PT) Available $8.00
10/30 | Single Class Drop-In: Yoga with Marsha Danzig (11am ET/8am PT) Available $8.00
ALL ACCESS July 2021 - May 2022 *Weekly exercise + monthly wellness Available $185.00
ALL ACCESS July 2021-December 2021 only *Weekly exercise + monthly wellness Available $125.00
Monthly Annual Pass (Access to all 12 months + tshirt! Order by 1/25 to guarantee size!) None left $60.00
*MONTHLY* FIRST MONTH FREE: Early Bird Annual Pass (Available through January 1 - includes all 12 months + tshirt) None left $55.00
Single Month Drop-in (January: Adapted Salsa) None left $10.00
2-1 | Single Class Drop-in (February: Adapted Strength Training) None left $10.00
3-1 | Single Class Drop-in (March: Accessible Yoga) None left $10.00
4-1 | Single Class Drop-in (April: Adapted Salsa) None left $10.00
Single Class Drop-In (Aug. 7, 11am EDT/8am PDT: Boxing) None left $8.00
Single Class Drop-In (Aug. 21, 11am EDT/8am PDT: Wheelchair Dance Workout) None left $8.00
Single Month Drop-in (June: Adapted Strength Training with Dan McCoy) None left $10.00
Single Class Drop-In (July 31, 11am EDT/8am PDT: Strength & Mobility) None left $8.00
Single Class Drop-In (Aug. 14, 11am EDT/8am PDT: Yoga) None left $8.00
Wellness Seminar: Nutrition with Collective Flow (Aug. 17, 7:45pm EDT/4:45pm PDT) None left $8.00
ALL ACCESS EARLY BIRD July 2021 - May 2022 *Available through 8/15/21 only!* Weekly exercise + monthly wellness None left $160.00
8/28 | Single Class Drop-In: Boxing w/Luiz Faye (11am EDT/8am PDT) None left $8.00
9/4 | Single Class Drop-In: Yoga w/Marsha Danzig (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00
9/7 | Wellness Webinar: Meditation w/Dennis Cooper (8pm ET/5pm ET) None left $8.00
9/18 | Single Class Drop-In: Upper Body Strength/Mobility w/Jessica Ho (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00
9/11 | Single Class Drop-In: Strength w/Marika Trainer (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00
9/25 | Single Class Drop-In: Yoga with Jackie Gadd (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00
10/7 | Wellness Webinar: Breathing Meditation with Nicole Parma (7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT) None left $8.00
10/9 | Single Class Drop-In: Strength with Amy Bois (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00
10/16 | Single Class Drop-In: Zumba with Katie Griffen (11am ET/8am PT) None left $8.00

2021-2022 Virtual Adapted Fitness Club​

Whether you're looking to connect with friends from across the country or are looking to kick off the new year with a new fitness routine, this program has something for everyone. As of July 2021, this program is expanding from monthly to weekly. We estimate weekly sessions will be in full swing by mid-August. Join us at 11am eastern/8am pacific time each Saturday for a rotating adapted fitness session, from chair yoga to adapted Zumba, this program is sure to offer some of your favorite ways to move and offer some new ideas, too. Monthly wellness webinars will be added to our calendar, too!

Please note, these sessions are available LIVE only. 


Two options to join:




Drop-in tickets for future sessions coming soon. All Access passholder? You're already on our list!


Thank you to the members of the following Chapter/Walk-N-Roll regions co-sponsoring this event:

SBA of Michigan, SBA of Georgia-Tennessee, SBA of the Carolinas, SBA of California, SBA of the Intermountain Region, Walk-N-Roll Houston Walk-N-Roll Oklahoma City, and Walk-N-Roll Portland. 


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