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We are blessed to have the support of the National Spina Bifida Assoc. as we take on the California International Marathon on December 2nd, 2018. As many of you know, at 20 weeks gestation - I found out I was having a baby boy with Spina Bifida. My son, Reed experiences on a daily basis the obstacles that go with this most permanently disabling birth defect. He has had to learn to live with multiple conditions such as hydrocephalus (swelling in his brain), bladder and bowel complications, latex allergy (no rubber balloons), diminished sensation and paralysis in his legs robbing him of being able to walk fast or run, as well as learning and social issues. In his 13 years of life, Reed has had 17 surgeries - the last being Spinal Fusion Surgery in July. In-spite of all that, Reed has brought blessings and taught an abundance of life's lessons to all who know him. He is the most fun-loving, all accepting, adventurous, honest, creative, sensitive boy I know.

We need to raise awareness, education and research to combat the long term effects ~ 170,000 people in the US alone need our help. Together, we can step up for teenagers like Reed who deserve world-class healthcare ~ Everyday 8 babies are born with Spina Bifida ~ let's bring that number down today!



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