Welcome Friends!  Thanks for stopping by my individual WALK page.  I would like to share a little bit about why this WALK is so important to me.  This is my fourth WALK N ROLL and every year it means more to me.  When I see all of my friends and family come out to support me I am reminded that I am not alone in this world.  I feel so blessed to know that there are people that I can lean on when I get lonely or need a friend.

In just these few years of hosting the Walk n Roll our Nevada Chapter is now able to function like a real organization.  We can now offer assistance to families in need. We are able to assist with medical equipment.  We can refer and help each other with advocacy. We can now offer scholarships to attend national SBA conferences. It allows us to outreach to new families who have babies born with SB. The funds raised allow us to meet periodically to share stories and support one another.

I think the Walk n Roll is a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of people with Spina Bifida and it brings us together with the community! 

I am setting my sites high this year!  I want to win the BIGGEST TEAM award!  So if you want to help me reach my goal please sign up for Team Evan and let’s Roll!  (Of course, you can walk but I’ll be rolling!)




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